Live life to the fullest!

My last blog was a little more introspective, deep and really tapped into the emotional piece of our overall health and well-being.  I guess I was writing Surviving Struggle as much for me as I was for you.  My step-sister, Cara, has been fighting a rare type of cancer for the better part of a year.  Last Sunday she was able to free herself from the pain and hell of living with this disease.  She was genuinely an inspiring woman who without a doubt made this world a better place. 


While receiving treatment, Cara, an avid runner, never gave up on her health.  She continued to eat well, move her body and even ran a marathon, days after treatment.  She understood the benefits of caring for yourself and loved how invigorated and empowered she’d feel after a long run.  However, this was not how she always was.  Instead, she learned this through time, commitment, education and appreciation of her body.


When I first met Cara, she was a chip eating, tattoo wearing, punked out, angsty 20 year old.  Our families converged later in life and it was rocker-chick vs jock and as polar opposite as you could possibly imagine.  I never felt cool enough in her presence and I’m sure she scoffed at my lycra wearing, ponytail bouncing self.  Over the years though, she beautifully developed this appreciation of self-care, exercising, running and nourishing herself with delicious, nutritious foods – still decorated from head to toe with tats.  She found her stride, her style and her regimen that worked best for her to live a healthy life.


So what exactly am I getting at here on this health and wellness site?  My point is you can make the change to.  It’s time to live your life to the fullest!  Love your body.  Love your mind.  Love those around you.  You are so extremely important to someone, if not many on this earth and caring for yourself is one way in which you can fully “show-up” in this world.  Make the effort to eat well.  Fiercely protect your time to work out.  Put the phone down and be present with those around you.  Learn something new.  Love like you did in High School, before your heart had ever been broken.  Make the decision now, to do something for you, for your health, for your soul.


For you, Cara, you are forever in our hearts.