It's Your Time!

Each day I am honored to work with several women who are making a commitment to themselves in many different ways.  From these coaching sessions, I recognize recurring themes that almost all women struggle with.  When I think about it, these themes are not just with my clients, but also with women all over the world.  A few years back I hosted international students who came to Denver to learn English.   I only hosted women and all were above the age of 25.  Every single one of them had the same concerns; weight loss, finding love, self-worth, sexism, having the courage to ask for what they need, sacrificing themselves for others, not knowing what to eat to be healthy, confidence and having their voice heard!  The top 3:  weight loss, struggle with their spouse/partner and sexism.  Guess what, these are the same issues as my clients here in Denver and across the country!


I am so ready to see a global shift in our worth and how we view ourselves.  I am ready for women to speak confidently when asking for what they need.   I am ready for women to appreciate their body for it’s gift of movement, place to house our soul, ability to bear life and contribute to this world in its own unique way.  I am ready for women to find deep appreciation in our mind and our worth and I am ready for women to ask and receive help when they need it. 


I’ve been lucky enough to coach and guide; and then see my clientsget “un-stuck”, out of their own way, past their limiting beliefs and bursting forward with their divine strength and uniqueness.  Do you remember that feeling?   Remember when you were insanely confident, energetic, clear-headed and felt you could conquer anything that came your way?  You can feel that again.  It’s in you.  It doesn’t disappear forever; we just need to pull it forward.  You are that person!  You may be a different version, but still that beautiful and powerful.  Let’s find her.  Let’s invite her back to the party!


If you’re ready to try something new, something unique that addresses all aspects of life; nutrition, health, movement, then please call me.  I can help you!  Yes – you!!  Let’s work together and help create a new “top 3” list.  One that’s empowering, self-advocating and full of love and appreciation.


I can’t wait to work with you!

November Ski Conditioning Class

Opening day is just around the corner, which means you're running out of time to get in shape!  Maybe it's time to take our ski conditioning class!?                                                                                                

Our classes are designed to increase strength, power, endurance and flexibility.  We focus on functional movements, body weight exercises and a solid core using TRX, weights, Bosu Ball and Kettle Bells.  These classes are open to all fitness levels and we encourage anyone to stop in and give it a try.
Not into winter sports?  You can still join our class, which is a great way to stay fit and de-stress during the holidays. 

Bonus:  refer a friend who signs up for the 4-week program and receive one class FREE! 

Small-group training.
Functional movement.
Sport specific.
Nutritional advice.
Guaranteed results.

Class begins November 3rd and will run four weeks.

*Closed Thanksgiving day.

$50.00 for 4-week program.



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