During this client-guided discovery process, the solutions unearthed are distinct for each person. Once we identify them, we move forward to plant new, practical ideas and solutions, which evolve into daily routines. 

Using a scientifically proven system, Rachel sets 3-month milestone goals then re-evaluates progress and growth.

An enduring commitment to end-results is crucial. Rachel is your partner and your mentor, providing the support and accountability nearly all of us need to rise towards our life goals.

Rachel believes...

Health coaching may address and positively affect any facet of your life that you feel needs restoration – relationship, career, spirituality, body composition – even if you don't know which factor is most affected or if it's more than one.

Find your purpose and passions.
Foster their growth.

Program Options

3, 6 or 12-Month Packages
Initial consult to design your wellness vision using nutrition, exercise and life -style management as the foundation of success.

Weekly mentoring sessions remotely or in-office.

Functional nutrition

Exercise programming

Guidance, support, encouragement and education.



"If you're looking for motivation with your diet and/or exercise, you'll be so happy to bring Rachel into your life. She is relentlessly positive."

Rachel offers pragmatic and manageable suggestions to incorporate healthier routines into your life and helps build confidence in your own ability to succeed along the way. She is a nutritionist, trainer and coach, but just by her nature can be sort of a life coach as well.  Anyone who commits to working with her will see results!” — Heidi R.