Whether you’re entering your first race or your 21st, Rachel’s monthly, one-on-one coaching prepares you for your moment to shine.

If you’re competing in a local triathlon or an Ironman halfway across the globe - from mountain biking to running and everything in between - Rachel’s method combines milestone assessments and evaluations and draws on her expertise as a certified nutrition therapist specializing in sports nutrition.

Rachel will be your accountability partner and your mentor. Her Endurance Training programs include unlimited communication through text, phone, and email. You may sometimes do a solo workout, but you’ll never train alone.

Your program may include

  • Monthly programming
  • Dietary evaluation
  • Nutrient timing
  • Nutrient phasing
  • Race strategy
  • Weight management
  • Optimal recovery
  • Supplement protocols

Set your goals high. Rachel will draw the road map to get you there.

Program Options

6- and 12-Month Packages
Personalized, one-on-one coaching with unlimited communication, functional sports nutrition and strength programming.  

Strategic coaching through your pre, race and post season for on and off-road triathlons, Ironman, mountain or road biking and running events.

*Group coaching available



"No matter what your age or athletic ability, Rachel has the knowledge, skills and personality to help you realize your fitness goals."

Rachel’s approach sets her apart.  She took the time to get to know me as a person, identified my skills, strengths, weaknesses and goals and understood my desire to compete. Rachel's expertise in nutrition was invaluable in helping to craft a food plan that supported my training. —  David R.

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