Fitness training is different for us all. For some, training is focused on mechanics - functional movement, strength and toning or core stability. For others, training is necessary to overcome the physical and emotional effects of an injury - in partnership with rehab and/or physical therapy.

Perhaps a mother- or father-to-be wants to reinforce a workout habit in the hopes of keeping that momentum after baby arrives. For post-partum moms, restoring physical strength and energy and doing something special just for herself might be priorities.

From exercise beginners to veterans, designing workouts for maintenance or with specific goals in mind, Rachel’s one-on-one, individualized training seeks to help her clients shine and find their best selves.

Rachel believes...

Training is about repairing life conditions, loving who you are inside and out and promoting fitness of mind and heart.

The main goal of personal training is physical and emotional health, strength and wellness.

Program Options

Private Training
1- hour or 30-minute sessions available in 6, 12- or 24-packages.

Group training
1-hour or 30-minute group training of 4-8 individuals.

Corporate Fitness
Private or group training for your employees, conveniently located at your facility.



"Rachel is amazing! She makes every training session different, so it never gets boring. She always pushes me to be better."

She is super-motivated and always has a smile on her face and a great attitude. During my workouts, Rachel shares nutrition ideas and tips on living an overall better lifestyle, which are easy to incorporate into my busy schedule. —  James L.

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