Meet Our Team

 The amazing Ashley Bennett

The amazing Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Sports Medicine.  Upon graduation, she moved to Salt Lake City to continue her education at the Utah College of Massage Therapy.  In the 14 years as a massage therapist, she has work in many different genres and found her passion in teaching and participating in the healing process to be the most rewarding. She specializes in anatomically based massage with a mixture of structural, trigger point and injury healing / prevention as her approach.  

"Helping the human body heal after it has been injured is amazing but what is more incredible is watching the joy it brings back to the person".  

In her spare time she likes to kayak, garden, ride her bike and spend time loving her dogs.   

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 Nutrition & Fitness Expert Missi Banter

Nutrition & Fitness Expert Missi Banter

Missi aims to free clients of their past fitness and diet dogmas – away from feelings of being stuck or not good enough – and towards a higher realm of self-care, strength, peace and joy. Missi invites clients to reflect on their whole body through mental, emotional, spiritual and physical exercise and nutrition, to develop a health profile that fits each person’s unique phase of life.

Having lived a life strongly connected to her body and the power it gives her, Missi’s profound realization is that care and nourishment for the mind, soul and physical body must be interwoven if genuine strength, health and happiness are to be achieved.

She brings to her practice personal breakthroughs in the area of mind/body connection, as well as many respected credentials in order to help clients take C.H.A.R.G.E of their lives.

"Everything meaningful in life comes from a place of love – Curiosity, Honesty, Awareness, Respect, Gratitude, Energy".

To accommodate your schedule, Missi works locally and remotely via phone consultations only.