Master Nutrition Therapist  M.A. Counseling Psychology  Licensed Professional Counselor

Master Nutrition Therapist

M.A. Counseling Psychology

Licensed Professional Counselor

Coach Jolene Conway

Jolene is here to help guide you through all the information out there on health & nutrition so you can quickly and easily dial into your bodies own unique needs. She specializes in women's health, gut and digestion, hormonal imbalances, endocrine disorders and emotional eating. She has extensive training in psychology based therapy and is not only a Master Nutrition Therapist but a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Needless to say, she can help you identify limiting beliefs and habits while safely coaching you to new actions.

It's time to get what you want from your health, life & nutrition! 

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Leslie Conzemius

Erin Myers

Erin Myers


Leslie Conzemius
Registered Nurse
Integrative Health & Lifestyle Coach

 Leslie brings a unique and valuable skill-set to NutritionWorks with her clinical background as a Registered Nurse and Holistic training as an Integrative Health and Lifestyle Coach.  She's also a Certified yoga and group fitness instructor and professional dancer, giving her a deep understanding of movement and it's importance on overall wellbeing.  

Leslie's Integrative Health Coach training from the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine is grounded in the philosophy that there are 7-core areas of wellbeing; Spirituality, StressResiliency, Sleep, Physical Activity, Relationships, Nutrition and Healthy Environment.  Leslie will use the scientific study of behavioral coaching to guide you through each of the 7-areas of wellbeing to create your desired state of health & wellness.  Carefully, she interweaves her experience as a Registered Nurse to also identify areas that may need deeper support and possibly therapeutic treatments.  

If you are between the ages of 20-40, live with autoimmune disease, suffer from chronic pain, fatigue and anxiety, have a busy life and typically put others before you, Leslie would like to speak with you. Most of her clients are experiencing digestive issues, suffer from Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS, hormonal imbalances and disordered eating from chronic dieting.  Her promise for you is to gain a newfound empowerment around health as you create lasting change.  You will feel vibrant, beautiful and productive again.

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Erin Myers
Master of Social Work (MSW)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
Certified Mental Health Integrated Medicine Provider (in-progress)

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Erin is passionate about supporting women as they pursue lasting mental health.
She received her Master's in Social Work at the University of Denver, and BA in Sociology from Biola University.

Erin has an extensive background in trauma therapy and wants to apply this to any woman who suffers from anxiety, depression, PTSD, boundary setting and low-self esteem.  She particularly identifies with mothers who are in the throes of care-giving and trying to "do-it-all".  Together, you will explore habits, routine, and thought patterns, and uncover simple changes that can lead to an abundant life full of purpose and joy. 

Erin will work collaboratively to provide not only mental health services, but utilize our holistic team for nutritional recommendations and guidance, laboratory testing and therapeutic protocols where needed.

Erin would also like to offer you a new client special with a $35.00 per session discount on packages of 6 sessions or more.

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Integrative & Functional Medicine


Stefany Carstensen
Nurse Practitioner (NP)
Functional Medicine Practitioner (FMP)

We are excited to have Stefany Carstensen, Nurse Practitioner AND Functional Medicine Practitioner join our office.  Stefany will provide a much needed resource for our clients in need of prescriptions, bio-identical hormones, IV therapy, blood draws and lab interpretation / recommendation just to name a few.  
Stefany will be transitioning into our office December 1st on Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment only and full-time January, 2019.

Stefany became a nurse in 2000, graduating with a BSN from the University of Colorado College of Nursing, and quickly fell in love with the profession.  She truly enjoyed caring for patients in the hospital and being able to bring comfort, a sense of safety and ease, and occasionally joy to her patients and their families. She has worked in many different areas of nursing including Bone Marrow Transplant, ICU, Oncology, Medical/Surgical, Labor & Delivery, and Mother/Baby. Eventually, Stefany decided to continue her education, and after once again graduating from the University of Colorado College of Nursing, became a Nurse Practitioner in 2008. As an NP, she worked in community health and primary care, in the hospital setting in Interventional Radiology, and finally settled with her true passion working as an Integrative/Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner. Stefany feel's the real magic in helping clients comes with the ability to empower, educate and support her clients in their own personal journeys to healing and optimal wellness. She began her independent practice, Serenity Functional & Integrative Medicine in order to provide care and support for clients using a Functional Medicine framework without the constraints of the typical western medicine model. 
In her free time, she enjoys teaching yoga at Whole Yoga, meditating, and running.  She also loves to read, hike, listen to music, ride motorcycles and spend time with her wonderful family; her son Wyatt, and stepsons Aidan and Austin and her supportive partner Chris.

Please call Stefany direct for more information and to schedule your appointment. 


Massage Therapy

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Ashley Bennett graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Sports Medicine.  Upon graduation, she moved to Salt Lake City to continue her education at the Utah College of Massage Therapy.  In the 14 years as a massage therapist, she has work in many different genres and found her passion in teaching and participating in the healing process to be the most rewarding. She specializes in anatomically based massage with a mixture of structural, trigger point and injury healing / prevention as her approach.  

"Helping the human body heal after it has been injured is amazing but what is more incredible is watching the joy it brings back to the person".  

In her spare time she likes to kayak, garden, ride her bike and spend time loving her dogs.   

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